Have you ever wondered how you failed your exams(waec/neco/nabteb)?

Do you think you got fake runz?


(1) Most of the students dont have anything in their brain, all they know is facebook, twitter, play games etc.
even if you pass your exam eventually, how do you tink you can cope in theuniversity or polytechnic
without knowing something.
(2) As a standard, astudent is expected to know 60-80% of the entire syllabus.
how many can you topics can you boast of
(3) Most students are not serious. imagine the following:
most student will just write it the way they see it
instead of interpreting it as
other examples
sqr rut- √
So how do you want to pass if you can interpret our symbols correctly.
(4)Bad center/ black listed center:
some of you dont make research on the center you are writing exams, you just register anywhere you and when you fail you want to push the blame on someone else. What you dont know is that some center result have been bad since 3years ago.
(5) Student caught in the exam hall:
Once a student is caugth cheating or involved in any malpractice, such a student sthould neverd expect his/her results.
(6) Cheap/fake runz
Alot of website are out there gving free or fake runz. imagine such a site not considering the results of students, compose fake answer or give the students fake runz. Most of the fault goes to students risking their own exams for cheap runz.
(7)Waiting to get free runz when we post it:
Normally, we do post answer late on the site for those that can pay for the runz,
obj posted 5mins to the end,
theory posted 20mins to the end.
Tell me how do you want to pass by waiting for free answers when those that paid for the runz has finished, you are just starting.

What you dont know is that nothing is free, even in freetown. Learn how to pay for what you need most. Be wise and try harder to pass

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